Deadpool 2 First Movie Poster

November 10, 2017

Since Ryan Reynolds graced the silver screen as Deadpool last year (I'm not counting him in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, that was a garbage movie), it's safe to say that he helped change the way superhero movies are made.


Many people had doubts that the character Deadpool could make a successful movie, but as true fans knew if you get a great script, stay true to the character, and include copious amounts of blood and fighting (like they did) than we will go see it and demand more!


I have to give credit to Ryan Reynolds because this was his baby; he believed in the character and he was a huge reason we now have this movie, and next summer, we’ll have Deadpool 2!


It’s still a ways away but to get you excited for it, they have released their first poster in time for Thanksgiving!




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Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy!


~Vicky B