Epic Cover Songs

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August 30, 2019

One of my favorite past times is scouring the internet for memes and funny content. I'd like to say it's for work, but really, I'm just the Meme Queen. 


It's a thought job...but someone has to do it! 


Anyways, I ran into this video  and I died laughing, and also wanted to try it because my dad has one of these rubber chickens! (P.S. I was immediately shut down by everyone and for good reason.)


It got me thinking about how I really do enjoy the creativity (and ridiculousness)  that goes behind viral cover songs. 


Hey, Anthony Vincent from 10 Second Songs has made a career from singing popular songs in a wide range of styles! 


So it got me thinking about other awesome covers of popular songs!


Like when The Muppets covered Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody"! 


Or this epically beautiful Pokemon theme song cover by String Player Gamer


Speaking of nerdy theme song covers, how about this all time great cover of the Game of Thrones theme!


I want to hear what your favorite cover songs are! Send them my way! 


~ mnmVicky B