Friday the 13th Activities

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October 13, 2017

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! It's been a busy day since I've been on my mini vacation, but was loving seeing everyone celebrating this non-official "holiday". Also, isn't it perfect that Friday the 13th fell in October, arguably one of the best and spookiest times of year?


Assuming you're not superstitious and afraid of the number 13, here are some ways you can fully embrace this spooky day! 


1. Watch the movie Friday the 13th franchise 


All right, this is a no-brainer: watch the Friday the 13th movies or any other for movies for that matter. Extra points if you're wearing your Jason mask. 



2. Get a Friday the 13th themed tattoo


Any tattoo shops participate in Friday the 13th events where they create flashcards with a "13" or bad luck theme will offer them at great deals


For example, Cicada Tattoo in Seattle has some awesome custom flash they made!





3. Check out an awesome show

Psst...Like this one...




Until next time, stay safe and nerdy,

~ Vicky B