"Game of Thrones Season Finale Hopes"

August 24, 2017

This Sunday will be both an exciting and sad day, it is the final episode of season 7 of Game of Thrones.


After this short 7 episode season, we will get ONLY ONE MORE season consisting of 6 episodes and the air date could be anytime in 2018 to 2019! At least this Sunday’s episode will be an hour and 21 minutes.



Anywho, I am one who LOVES fan theories and I read them all. If you’re interested, here are some that I’m currently digging:


Why did Sansa send Brienne Away?


The Night King = Stark



With one episode left, so much can happen, but what do you want to see in those 81 minutes?


Here is what I am hoping we will get to see (SPOILERS from this season ahead):   


Jon + Dany = <3


Can they just do it already? Or at the very least kiss? Come on, they were so close after she agreed to fight for him then he figuratively bent the knee and called her his queen. Swoon! Damn, that hand hold was not enough! Who cares if she is technically his aunt, they don’t know that!



(Calm down, this is photo shopped fan art)






Tormund + Brienne = Monster Babies?


One of the best moments from S7E6 was when the Hound and Tormund talked about Brienne and how Tormund wants to make babies with her and that they’d be big monsters that would conquer the world!



Check out the whole scene:




Jon on a Dragon


They’re cousins, they trust each other, so let’s see Jon ride one into battle!




See Bran use His Powers to be Useful

He knows everything that has happened, this is happening and that will happen, and I get that he has to let things happen a certain way, but come on, do something! Give the others some useful info, stop just staring off like a bloody weirdo!


More of Gendry


Nuff Said…





The End of Little Finger


I talked to my mom on the phone yesterday to talk about our thoughts on the latest episode and what we think will happen, and the one main thing she focused on was on how she wants to see Little Finger dead.


He’s the reason why Ned Stark is dead, why Sansa had to marry Ramsey, and so many other conniving schemes, and now, Sansa and/or Arya need to end him.



Let me know what you think!



Check out the final episode on HBO this Sunday at 9pm.


Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy! ~ Vicky B