Holiday Board Game Gift Guide 2019

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December 18, 2019
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Happy Holidays! That means it's time to do that last minute gift shopping you said you weren't going to put off but did anyways. 


On the latest episode of the Board Game Alliance episode of BJ's Geek Nation, we ran down a giant list of games to the gamers in your life (no matter what their level of expertise and interest is). 



For your convience, here is the whole holiday board gaming shopping guide with prices (from Amazon).

New Player Gateway:
*Ticket to Ride $25 Days of Wonder
*Catan $25 Mayfair Games
*KingDomino $18 Blue Orange Games
*Azul $19 Plan B Games
*Wingspan $87 Stonemaier
*Santorini $17 Roxley
*Point Salad $25 AEG

Games for all
*Grimm Forest $50 Druid City games
*ERA Medieval Age $51 Eggertspiele
*Tiny Towns $30 AEG
*Hadara $39 Z-Man
*Star Wars: Outer Rim $52 Fantasy Flight

Aggressive, Attack heavy:
*Xia Legends of a Drift System $85 Far Off Games
*Cover Your Kingdoms $25 Grandpa Becks Games
*Bloodrage $70 CMON
*Jaws $30 Ravensburger
*Villainous $35 Ravensburger
*Wildlands $48 Osprey Games

Super Heavy Player:
*Rising Sun $91 CMON
*Star Wars Rebellion $85 Fantasy Flight
*Scythe $65 Stonemaier
*Brass: Lancashire $60 (because BEER!!!) Roxley
*Paladins of The West Kingdom $40 Renegade Games
*Trajan $49 Renegade

*Pandemic Legacy $48 Z-Man
*Death May Die $80 CMON
*Spirit Island $54 Greater then Games
*Mansions of madness second edition $87 Fantasy Flight
*Dungeons and Dragons: Wrath of Ashardalon $45 WOTC
*Horrified $35 Ravensburger

*Gloomhaven $109 Cephalofair Games
*Folklore the Affliction $50 Greenbriers Games
*Star Wars: Imperial Assault $68 Fantasy Flight
*Betrayal Legacy $54 Avalon Hill
*Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle $50 The Op
*Clank Legacy: Aquisitions Inc. $72 Dire Wolf/Renegade

*Dice of Crowns $15 Thing 12 Games
*Sushi Go $9 Gamewright
*The X-Files: Circle of Truth $5 Button Shy Games
*Fast Forward: Fear $14 Stronghold
*Ramen Fury $10 Mixlore

Roll & Write:
*Sushi Roll $24 Gamewright
*Welcome to... $20 Deep Water Games
*Corinth $25 Days of Wonder
*Brikks $14 Stronghold
*That’s Pretty Clever $19 Stronghold
*Twice As Clever $25 Stronghold
*Lanterns Dice $21 Renegade
*Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale $23 Pegasus Spiele

*The Magic Labyrinth $26 Drei Magier Spiele
*5 Minute Marvel $20 Spin Master
*King of Tokyo $28 Iello
*Go Cuckoo $16 HABA
*Funkoverse (Batman, Harry Potter, Rick and Morty, Golden Girls) $25 Funko Games

*Just One $25 Repos Productions
*Codenames (Regular, Pictures, Disney, Harry Potter, Simpsons) $15 CGE
*The Resistance $15 Indie Boards and Cards
*Cards against Humanity $25 Cards Againt Humanity
*Game of Phones $28 Breaking Games
*Wits and Wagers $25 Northstar Games
*Concept $29 Tepos Productions
*Super Fight $30 Skybound games