How to Keep Your Jack-O-Lanterns Fresher Longer

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October 15, 2019

Two weeks ago, I decided to embark on the quest of finding out how to keep your Jack-O-Lantern from turning into a pile of mush before Halloween comes!


So I brought in some pumpkins for us all to carve at work for this experiment!



So here are the final pumpkins:



Now once home, I did something different to each pumpkin:


Vicky #1: No Method


We had to have a test subject with nothing done to it for reference....


Here are the results:


Yup, it's pretty soggy just as expected!


Vicky #2: Bottom Cutting Method 



The idea behind this method is that the pumpkin won't cave in on itself as it wilts. On the plus side, it was much easier to scoop all the guts out since they are mostly on the bottom. I did not add anything else to the pumpkin. 



It did get soggy but it didn't sink in on itself from the top so there that. Perhaps pairing this method with one of the below methods too!




Danny: Bleach Method



After the pumpkin was carved, I soaked it completely in the sink with water and a splash of bleach for about 3 minutes. Then I wiped it down and that was it.

Here's how it went: 



The bleach method was the most popular online but I think it was meant to soak a little longer with more than a splash of bleach. 


Sara: Vegetable Oil Method 



It was simple, pour some of the oil over the pumpkin and work it in to every crevice. The idea being that it keeps it moisturized so it won't dry out.


Here's how that went:



Yeah....this didn't work very well, but I think the fact that the pumpkin had so much carved out of it made it rot faster. 


Rev: Silica Packet Method 


Whenever you get a package with silica packets, SAVE THEM! You can't eat them like the packaging advices, but you can save them for when your phone gets wet or when you are carving pumpkins. I just opened 3 packages and poured them inside, with the idea being that it will keep the pumpkin dry and not give it a chance to mold so quickly. 


Here are the results: 


THE WINNER! Very little mold and "droopage" compared to the other pumpkins. I believe the fact that the carving wasn't done so wide spread helped as well, but the fact it has little mold impresses me!



So the biggest takeaways: 

1. Cut it from the bottom.

2. Don't cut giant patterns.

3. Silica packets will keep it dry and fresher longer. 


I hope this helps! Also, what are your tricks and tips for pumpkin carving? 


~ Vicky B