Mother's Day on the Cheap

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May 11, 2018

First off, shout out to my mama because she has put up with me my whole life and deserves sainthood for that! Love ya mom!


Alright buddy, let’s be straight with each other. We all got bills, saving for goals, and responsibilities we have to pay for. When it comes to Mother’s Day which is THIS SUNDAY MAY 13TH by the way, you might be stressing out to find the perfect gift without spending so much you have to eat dehydrated noodles for the next two weeks. But this is the woman who has put up with your crap for all these years! The crying, the boogers, the attitude and angst, her sleepless nights...YOU OWE HER! 


I’m in the same boat, I’m trying to save to buy a house, tighten the purse strings, but I also want my mama to feel special. And if your mom or wife is anything like mine, she probably says “Save your money, I don’t need anything,” and even though I know she means it, I can’t help but feel like it’s a trap.


Alright, so we’re broke, trying to buy a gift for someone that doesn’t tell you what they want/doesn’t need anything, and we have to do this by Sunday! Yeah, we got our work cut out for us!


I think I got it though, here’s what you and I can do for the most important ladies in our life!




It might be too late to get a reservation at her favorite brunch spot, and even then, they are probably going to filled to the max, and if there’s outdoor seating, she’ll want to sit in the sun but then you’ll all get hot because it’s supposed to hit 80 degrees, so yeah….not a great idea,


How about MAKE her a lovely brunch at home. For the price of a few of the mimosas, you can make a pretty rad spread.


Don’t know what to make? Here are some ideas:




Movie Day!


Pull out the microwavable popcorn, dollar store candy boxes, and bust out Netflix or her favorite DVD’s and have her pick all the movies she wants to see. It doesn’t matter if she wants to see The Notebook and a bunch of other movies you don’t want to see, DO IT FOR HER!


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Stroll through Park


Wake up early, make her brunch and then go to a park and enjoy the sunshine we are supposed to be getting. Whether on foot or bike, she will be sure to enjoy the sights and the company.


May I suggest The Ballard Locks or Golden Gardens in Seattle? Do get there early to avoid too much heat and crowds though!

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Game Day


Does your mom like board games? Or maybe she likes doing new things? A good old fashion board game day will not only bring back those memories of flipping the Monopoly game board when you lost when you were 7 years old, but your mom can now play without the kiddie gloves on! I recommend trying some new fun simple games to keep it chill!


Was playing #SushiGo the other day and this was my first hand...

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Whatever you do, just make sure she knows how much these ladies mean to you and spend some quality time with them (even if it’s on Facetime because they live far away).


To all you Rockin’ Mamas out there, have a wonderful Mother’s Day!


~ Vicky B