Must Have Big Game Snacks and Drinks

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February 1, 2019


The big game is THIS SUNDAY! And even though my team is not in it this year (Go HAWKS!), we all love a good gathering around food, booze and football! 

I always recommend making my "famous" buffalo chicken dip!

If you want the recipe on how I do it, check it out in a previous blog HERE!  


That being said, whether you are hosting a party or going to one, you have to think of food! Not sure what to make? Well, I know you could order a pizza, but why not step it up and try some of these game day favorites!




Tasty dip for chips 


Try a different spin on an old classic, and it's dippable! (Try Siracha ketchup for dipping!)



Not big on red meat? Try this Tuna Meatballs! 


Trying to stay on the healthier and/or vegitarian side? Got you covered there too!



We can't forget about drinks! I'm a huge fan of jello shots for football games (if you couldn't tell).



But to really go all out, two words: JUNGLE JUICE!



What is your favorite thing to eat/drink on game days? 

~ Vicky B