Nerdy Ways to Greet Someone Instead of Shaking Hands

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March 13, 2020
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If you have been staying away from the news, social media, or even work emails, then you probably haven't heard all that is going on with COVID-19. 


Everyone is taking lots of extra precautions to avoid getting sick or avoid getting others in their life sick including avoiding handshakes.  


Well, if you're one of these cautious folks, may I suggest trying one (or all) of these nerdy greetings instead?


The Vulcan Salute AKA "The Spock" 

Spock hand sign

A great way to say "hello", "good bye" or just "Live long and prosper"! 



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The "Wakanda Forever Salute" 

Wakanda Forever

Popular from the 2018 film Black Pather, this salute can be used for pretty much anything! 

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"Nanu Nanu" 

Nanu Nanu


You probably have seen this on Mork and Mindy; this is a greeting similar to "Aloha" in the sense that it is used to say "hello" and "good bye". 




The Three Finger Salute AKA "The Hunger Games Salute" 

Three Finger Salute


Seen in the Hunger Games movies. The Three Finger Salute was used by people in the 12th district to show admiration/respect and to mourn their loved ones.

The sign is made by pressing your three middle fingers of your left hand to your lips and then hold them out to the person, or people, that you want to show respect to.


Never give up the fight. #WednesdayWisdom #TheHungerGames

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Klaus Hargreeves's Hand Tattoos from Umbrella Academy  

Klaus from Umbrella Academy

You don't have to go as far as actually tattooing your hands (but I'm also not stopping you) but a simple way to greet someone, you don't even have to talk and can just put a hand up and leave a conversation easier than ever! 



Which nerdy way will you be greeting people with? 

Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy!

~ Vicky B