Netflix Weekend Before The Sun

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March 9, 2018

Alright, this Sunday, the weather is supposed to get nice on Sunday! That means, going out for a walk, maybe do brunch outside, go play soccer.


That being said, tonight and Saturday are my only days I can binge some TV shows I have pending guilt free!


Here is what’s on my list:


Jessica Jones


This actually came out yesterday, and I already watched most of the episodes…#SorryNotSorry..and it’s amazing! They really explore the pain/PTSD left behind from traumatic experiences and how it shapes a person’s views on life.  



Altered Carbon


So all the other guys have already watched it all. They actually beat me to it!

The one problem is that you have to give this your full attention, I didn’t understand what was going on while I was trying to get work done and having it in the background, so maybe I got this tomorrow.




 Black Mirror


I hear this is messed up, and that I don’t have to watch all the episodes in a row, or at all because each episode is its own story, but the completionist in me needs to watch them all together at once.



Which one should I watch, or is there any other shows you think I should check out?  


Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy!


- Vicky B