New Movies and Shows Premiering in November

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November 2, 2017

Hola my Nerd-migos!


November is here, some of us are still nursing that Halloween hangover but we all have our money on the next big prize: THANKSGIVING! 


All the turkey, all the mash potatoes, and all the gaming and movies with the family. 


Speaking of movies, as much as I thought life was going to chill out in November, we are bombarded with so many awesome new movies and shows I'm going to be penciling in time to make sure I watch them all.


If you want to join me in watching these, here are all the “priority number ones” in my book:




Thor: Ragnarok

Release Date: November 3rd


The MCU rarely disappoints with their movies and they have taken a new turn on how they make their super hero movies. They are no longer about just fighting a bad guy that is oddly the same character as the hero (you know, besides the whole evil thing) we are seeing more fun colors, more laughs, great music, and amazing visuals!





Justice League

Release Date: November 17th

With the success of Wonder Woman, many people are expecting this to be a great movie. Not gonna lie, Batman V Superman didn’t leave me blown away so we’ll see how the hero team does on the big screen. It has come out I can almost guarantee that the movie will be visually stunning.  



Release Date: November 22nd


Being a sucker for Disney movies, you know this had to be on my list. The added bonus it that it’s a Day of the Dead themed movie about a boy who wants to be an accomplished musicians after generations ban on music.




TV Shows


Marvel's The Punisher

Release Date: November 17th


Jon Bernthal’s portrayal of Frank Castle AKA the Punisher back in Daredevil Season two left audiences wanting more, so much so that Netflix green lit a whole series around him. It’s going to be an intense blood bath you can tell, with a peek inside the head of a deeply broken human being.





Release Date: November 21st 

For years I have been on my little mountain, yelling to the world about how amazing this Runaways comic series (created by Brian K. Vaughan). Finally I got BJ to read them, and after years of teasing, he takes back what he said and agrees it’s a great series.


Before the whole thing with the Avengers movies, there had been talks that there would be a Runaways movie or TV series but that eventually had to be pushed aside. Joss Whedon even wrote for the comic for a bit and had expressed interest in doing something with this crew of misfit kids. The trailer gave me chills and it has been said that this is probably one of the “most faithful TV adaptation yet!” 


(PS: Check out my whole blog about the comic coming back as well as the show here!) 



What are you most excited to see in November!


Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy!

~ Vicky B