The Perfect PB&J

September 21, 2018

How’s this for a little peak behind the BJ & Migs Mornings curtain?


Earlier we received this email from a coworker:


“A few of us in the office were debating the essence of the ideal PB&J.  The consensus was:


1/Creamy Peanut Better

2/Outstanding Fruit Preserves

3/Killer Bread


I have the ingredients for 10 ideal PB&J sandwiches.


Jif Creamy PB

Fisher Fair Raspberry Scone Jam

Dave’s Killer Bread, Organic Sprouted Grains”


This started a debate on the show behind the scenes that we were not expecting! No one person agreed on how to make the best PB&J sandwich!



I believe the best is:

1 slice of white bread with creamy peanut butter and chunky strawberry jam, grilled then cut diagonally!




Creamy Peanut butter and Welches Grape Jelly, on white bread!



Strawberry jelly, Crunchy Peanut butter, on toasted heal bread (end pieces).


Ooh Sara:

Wonder White Bread with Creamy Peanut butter on one slice and strawberry on the other slice.


Uncle Chris:

Honey, Strawberry Jam (always), Creamy Peanut butter, on Oaknut bread.



Throw it away in the trash and make a grilled cheese on white with sharp cheddar.


BJ Shea:

Peanut butter and Fluff for the win!



Joey Deez:

Creamy Peanut butter on both slices then strawberry in the middle on Buttermilk Bread then….DEEP FRY IT! And do a happy dance!



How do you make the best PB&J sandwich?

Enjoy these non-traditional ways to enjoy this classic: 



~ Vicky B