Practicing Self Care

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June 29, 2018

One of the things that, as difficult as it is to talk about, I’m glad we are finally discussing this as a society, and that is about mental health. We are finally learning, understanding, and listening to what this issue actually is as well as opening up about our own struggles.


There is no reason why we should be living with this pain, even though we might try to convince ourselves “it’s not a big deal” or “someone else has it worse so suck it up.”

One of my best friends Jaimie recently said to me “Your brain is an a-hole, and it’s lying to you.” That’s an interesting sentence, but very true. Just because you are feeling overwhelmed, hopeless, and maybe even undervalue yourself, that doesn’t mean you don’t matter, that you are not worthy of great things.

I know, that is a very heavy way to start a blog, but I wanted to let you know, it is going to be alright.


There is nothing wrong with saying, “I’m not ok….and that’s ok.”


That being said, I wanted to share with all of you things I’ve learned to help me with relaxing as well as practicing self-care.


Listen to music:

Alright, we’ve all been guilty of feeling crummy and then listening to music that might only make us feel worse. Find something that will relax you but also put you in a good headspace. I personally gravitate towards chill music like Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky, and even a song therapist say is “the most relaxing tune ever”, “Weightless” by Marconi Union.






Weighted blankets

Have you heard about these? I tried one of these and was in love. I used to sleep with 7-8 blankets (I had a cold room) and was always comforted by it. My new project with my mom is to make one ourselves.


Eat comfort food

A bowl of warm soup, mashed potatoes, hot tea…anything that will make you feel cozy and happy.

When your mama makes you your favorite soup, all feels alright in the world for a moment. #albondigas

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Work on a project or hobby

For me, when I work with my hands, it keeps my brain busy. Lately, I got back into writing stories and poems as well as working on some arts and crafts projects. My other hobbies include photography, reading comics, and fixing things that I've been neglecting like my keychain or dresser. 


Talk to a trained professional

Therapy is one of the best things I could recommend. They are trained to understand and help you in your dark times as well as be unbiased like your friends and family might be.


Talk to anyone

Sometimes we want to bottle things up, but one thing I’ve learned is if we are open to those close to us, they could lend support while you fight your battles. That being said, they will be more understanding when you have to cancel plans on Friday to go home and rest or when you just want to sit there and enjoy their company in pj's instead of going out on the town.

When your best friend and you buy matching #Deadpool onesies! #bbf4everbitch

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Here are some other methods that may help out as well:





How do you practice Self-Care? Any suggestions for us?


- <3 Vicky Barcelona