Questionable Fashion Choices

July 20, 2018 this happened today...



Yeah...apparently he's doing this because he's seeing Return of the Living Dead...but...this isn't the first time our boy Uncle Chris has had questionable fashion choices.





What the hell Chris?! 


To be fair, I'm not one to talk though...

So angsty! 

(Seriously?! What's up with my eyebrows?! And yes, the one on the right was my high school boyfriend)

Yeah, we thought we were cool goth/zombie people.


Chris and I are not the only ones...



Looking sharp BJ!


So Pretty! 

Sick shirt BJ!




Nothing says bad ass and sexy like a mullet!


Rev was a goth kid too! lol




Because why not wear a giant printed pizza on your shirt while at the gym?


You can pop all the balloons with that hair!


Joey Deez



A long sleeve button up shirt with shorts? Really? 


Alright, so this one is not so bad except for the fact that this is what he wore to my Halloween Party...




Steve! That hat is too small for you!


I see no problem in dressing as Santa but I don't think Lulu likes being the elf! 


Either way, if you like what you wear, sport it with pride...but what is something you used to wear that you now look back on and say..."why"? 


~ Vicky B