Shows to Binge Before the Next Season Arrives

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May 15, 2020
Brendan Fraser attending Brooks Brothers Bicentennial Celebration At Jazz At Lincoln Center, New York City, NY, USA, on April 25, 2018. Photo by Dennis Van Tine/Abaca/Sipa USA

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TV seems to be the thing we've all been connecting on lately, considering it's a safe activity to do at home. Everyone was obsessing over the weird tiger people for a while, but how about binging something nerdy and bad ass? 


There are many shows that are coming back soon, even with the Corona Virus delays. It's time to binge or re-binge some shows before the new seasons arrive, and here are my suggestions:



Doom Patrol Season 2: June 25th, 2020   (DC Universe & HBOMax)


Season 1 of Doom Patrol aired on DC's own streaming service (DC Universe) in February 2019 but when season 2 arrives on June 25th, it will not only be on the DC Universe, but also on HBOMax. 


The Doom Patrol is about a group of people who suffered horrible accidents that gave them super powers but also left them pretty messed up (physically and/or mentally), and guess what? They have to get over their crap and find a way to save the world.


The Boys Season 2: July 2020 (Rumored)   (Amazon Prime) 



The Boys follows a group of vigilantes trying to take down a group of a-hole super heroes who are constantly abusing their powers and fame. It's filthy, effed up and incredible! 


We don't know the exact date yet but we do have an awesome season two teaser trailer for you to feast your eyes on! 



Umbrella Academy Season 2: August 2020 (Rumored)   (Netflix)


The Umbrella Academy had an amazing season one. From the music, the characters/actors, to the CGI, it is on the top of my "re-watchable shows" list. 


The Umbrella Academy follows a family of adopted super hero children who were all born at the exact same time on the exact day to mothers that were not even pregnant at the start of the day. They grow up to be dysfunctional adults that have to come together to solve a mystery to prevent the apocalypse. 

Although we don't have a trailer yet, we did get this awesome holiday photo of the cast in what looks like their new looks for season 2! 

a picture paints a thousand words, but this one only paints two: train wreck. happy holidays from the hargreeves. also, sandals with socks are coming back in 2020.

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Can't wait for a new season and/or have already seen all of these? Want something new now? Check out a show I will be binging this weekend: The Great (Hulu) which is a comedic version of historical events following Catherine the Great!