Some Wholesome Videos To Warm Your Heart

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June 26, 2020
wholesome sky

Look, I'm not going to say things have been easy the last year, because it really hasn't; but one thing I try to constantly remind myself when things are bad is something the Great Mr. Rogers said his mother taught him: 


For those are you who are feeling fatigued, a little warned down, disheartened, or just plain tired, I present you with some wholesome things people are doing or have done lately.



Rob Kenny was 14 years old when his father walked out; now he does videos on Youtube giving "Dad Advice".


This kid gets surpised with his very own WWE belt gifted to him by his classmates!


This seal and their trainer doing a little dancy-dance! 


This dog groomer was surprised with a new doggo after losing hers a few months back. (Yes I cried.)