Summer Drinking Songs

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July 27, 2018

We are going to be hitting the 90's again this weekend so that means fun another fun weekend with great friends, tasty grilled food, swimming at the lake or river, and of course, some great drinks! 


As I’ve been driving, I realized my current playlist had a couple of songs actually singing about booze? Coincidence? Maybe, but these are up there in my current favorite songs right now.



Oh how I love thee Whiskey!



Yes it’s slower, but it’s both sweet and comforting.


This got me wondering, how many other awesome songs are about one of our favorite pass times?


You can never go wrong with some Flogging Molly!



How about some songs that will get the whole party singing?





Then I started thinking, what are "drinking songs" as in songs that I like to tune into when we bust out the mojitos and margaritas! Here are my favs:






What about you? What is your favorite song about drinking or that you like listening to when you are drinking?