Swordsquatch 2018

September 7, 2018

Matthew Roche

It's a beautiful time of the year! The weather is getting cooler, cinnamon and pumpkin goodies fills the air, and of course, my yearly visit from the lovely and badass Kimberleigh Roseblade!   


It's a funny story how we met; back when I was working at a restaurant in Ballard, I was ending my shift when I seated Kimberleigh at a table, then preceded to chat with her for an hour about tattoos, hobbies, and what she was doing in Seattle in the first place.


That’s when I invited this amazing Canadian native on to talk about every bad ass thing she does (not only is she a fitness/sword instructor, she sings, she’s done theater, and is a real life elf in this world).


Anthony made a compilation of my punching people at the @aemma_toronto Holiday Party and Tournament of Scholars. #AEMMA #HEMA #gauntletsofdoom #closeplay #longsword #tournament #punchy #valkyrie #fighting #esfingeshema #WarriorWoman

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She journeys to our little slice of PNW paradise for the yearly event: Swordsquatch!



Swordsquatch 2018 is three days (September 7-9th) of Historical European Martial Arts workshops, competition, and camaraderie hosted by the School of Acrobatic and New Circus Arts (SANCA). Whether you want to participate in a workshop or tournament or just watch all the action, this is the event for you!


So if you’re in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle this weekend, be sure to stop by. Get more info:http://www.swordsquatch.org/



One of our focuses this year is training directors and judges to call unsafe behavior. To practice this skill we arm fighters with foam swords and tell them to (gently) break all the rules. Much (controlled) drama ensues, and our tournament volunteers get plenty of hands-on practice with the ruleset! #swordsquatch #historicaleuropeanmartialarts #seattle #sparring #tournament #swordsquatch2018

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Check out my latest interview with Kimberleigh Roseblade about this weekend's festivities: 

Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy! 

~ Vicky B