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August 17, 2018

The Reverend En Fuego

Yesterday on the show, we had a debate over what the best type of bacon is: Crispy or Floppy. 

We took it too Twitter, and let's just say that things got a little heated... 






So I decided, that we too should do an office poll:

Let’s settle this once and for all! What is better: crispy bacon or floppy bacon? #TeamCrispy or #TeamFloppy @revenfuego is on the right side with crispy! -- - @vickyb999

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Here are the results:


Now I know Danny V. was behind all those tallies that mysteriously appeared on the "Floppy" side, also, Ooh Sara, we know you can't spell "Bacon'. 

Can we all just take a second to appreciate how @ooh.sara thinks bacon is spelled? ------ --

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Also, this morning The Reverend En Fuego sent me this glorious video! 



Either way, #TeamCrispy for LIFE! 


How do you like your bacon? 


- Vicky B