The Best Places to get Milkshakes in WA State

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June 19, 2020

Recently on the show a listener texted in a very important question: 


"Where is your favorite place to get a milkshake." 


Which if you read my last blog about the best breakfast places in WA state, you know that the text line fills up with suggestions! 


So without further ado, here are the best places to milkshakes in WA State! 



"A Dicks shake with a whipped cream topping!" Multiple Locations 


"There's also a Teddy's bigger burgers in Woodinville" Woodinville and Seattle Wa


"Gravity Coffee has Chocolate, Peanut butter and banana shakes!!!" Multiple Locations 


"Best milkshake is in Bremerton on Kitsap Way.... Big Apple Diner"  Bremerton, Wa. 


"There's a place in McCleary called bears den that has awesome milkshakes!" McCleary, Wa


"Bubbas burgers in Allyn has the most amazing banana peanut butter shake!"  Allyn, Wa


"Frisko Freeze in Tacoma!" Tacoma, Wa


"Wally's Drive In up in Buckley." Buckley, Wa

Tell us your favorite shake flavor!

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"Ranch Drive in, in Bothell. Amazing bacon ranch burger and shakes!" Bothell, Wa


"Lunchbox Laboratory has amazing shakes. And you can add booze!" Multiple Locations 


"Lucky's in Parkland have great milkshakes including peanut butter." Tacoma, Wa


"Tipsy cow. They put booze in there shakes!" Woodinville and Redmond Wa.


"Nuttys Junkyard in Arlington has the best shakes!" Arlington, Wa



"Bubbas Burgers in Allyn. Best peanut butter shake!!" Allyn, Wa


"Shake shake shake in Tacoma has an Almond Roca milkshake!"  Tacoma, Wa


"Also Patty's Burgers makes an awesome chocolate peanut butter!" Tacoma, Wa


"Burgerville has some really really really good milkshakes in they are located in southern Washington." Vancouver, WA


"Hals Drive In Sedro Woolley Wa best shakes in the world hands down!" Sedro Woolley, Wa


"Full tilt has fantastic milkshakes!" Multiple Seattle Locations

"Pik Quick in Fife!! For milkshakes." Fife, Wa

"Dairy Freeze!" Sumner, Wa

"Stack 571 in Ruston has boozy bacon shakes." Multiple Locations 



"Dexters Drive In." Gig Harbor, Wa 


"Bys is soooo good!!! We used to get it at work every Friday when we worked in the office in SoDo." Seattle, Wa


"Jubilee on 38th in Tacoma." Tacoma, Wa




And thanks to the texter who sent this one in! 

"At Vicky's house. Her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard." 


What are your favorite places to get a milkshake? 


~ Vicky B