The BJ & Migs Quarantine Happy Hour

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April 27, 2020
BJ & MIgs Live Happy Hour

We are all missing hanging out with our friends during this lockdown time, but we are all finding ways to stay connected together. 


For example, video hangouts have soared in popularity, and on Saturday, the whole BJ & Migs crew got together with you the listeners for a virtual Happy Hour!


We answered listener questions, talked about the shows we are currently binging, our "food dong challenge"* we are doing, what movie scene really resonated with us and more! 


Check it out below! 



*For those wondering, the "food dong challenge" is a challenge we are doing this Friday where we are each making foods in the shapes of dongs and we'll compete to see who did the best. It all started with Sara making these awesome cookies: 


Tune in for a blog about how that competetion goes later this week! 


Until Next Time!

~ Vicky B



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