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April 9, 2019


Happy Tuesday! You know what that means, right? A new episode of BJ Shea's Board Game Alliance! 


BJ, The Rev, Joey, Josh, as well as their buddiesd Katera, Amber and Byron recently played A Game of Thrones: The Board Games by Fantasy Flight Games a together...and things did get heated! 

It’s #GameOfThrones board game day baby! #HouseArrynFTW Who else is excited for the last season premiering in a few weeks? - @bjshea

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#agameofthronestheboardgame by @fantasyflightgames at @vnwclub with @the_omega_gamers We battle to see who will sit on the iron throne! (And see who can aggravate @bjshea the most)

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Josh also talked about 2Player Game Day! It's when you set a gaming day aside to play those two player games you don't always get play since you're in a bigger group. 


They recommend:  


Star Wars Rebellion by Fantasy Flight Games 

The Empire failed to root out the rebel base in our play of #starwarsrebellion by @fantasyflightgames This game of cat and mouse let’s you relive the original movie and play it out any way you want! In our play poor Degobah fell to the might of the Death Star, but ultimately the rebel scum were able to move there base and elude capture! @the_omega_gamers @vnwclub @lacydove

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Village by Eggertspiele 

A classic in our group: Village + both expansions: Inn & Port. Nice workerplacement ----‍----⚓️ #pegasusspiele #workerplacement #eggertspiele #kennerspiel #kennerspieldesjahres #village

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I also recommended Patchwork by Lookout Games 

Newest acquisition... has anyone played #patchworkgame

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At the time of the recording, we were gearing up to head out into the woods for our own con we made called 4XCon. It started as a mini retreat with friends who wanted to play 4x Games for multiple days and now it's just a free for all with all of our extended game group. Stay tuned for more details on how it went on the next episode next week, but have some pics on how it went: 

Just some pics from our own personal gaming con #4XCon! - @vickyb999

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Listen to the whole epsiode below! 



What are your favorite two player board games and have you played A Game of Thrones: The Board Game, and how did it go? 


Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy! (And Play Nice!) 

~ Vicky B