Vicky’s Dirty N’ Nerdy Blog “Rick and Morty Prank”

April 6, 2017


Saturday was the day people either are excited for, or completely dread. April 1st AKA April Fool’s Day. A day filled with dumb Facebook status updates of engagements, pregnancies and break ups as well as pranks that land someone in the hospital and possibly jail.


There was one prank that I believe was the best of not only the year, but of the century!


My fellow Rick and Morty fans and I have been waiting patiently for season three and on Saturday after many delays from creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, they premiered episode one for season three!


However, NO ONE BELIEVED IT WAS REAL! I got so many messages from Rock-A-Holics with a link I refused to click. I was not about to get Rick-Rolled (Rimshot) and fall for it.


Creator Dan Harmon even said back in January that it has been delayed and had no idea when it would be finished or released, so why would I believe that a few short months later we’d have the first episode up and ready to watch??




It was a glorious day! When I saw a no-nonsense friend make the post, I swallowed my pride and followed the link and low and behold, Adult Swim was streaming the episode on a loop for 24 hours! I was at a pre-funk party and excused myself from the festivities to watch this momentous occasion. Yeah, I did piss a few people off, but I didn’t care.


Luckily if you didn’t see it, Adult Swim is having a streaming marathon of all the episodes including the season premiere! Watch it here!


Any who, here are some of my favorite memes from the new episode!






Stay Nerdy!

~ Vicky B