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June 8, 2018

The weekend is finally here and…it’s supposed to be cold and rainy.


So instead of going paddle boarding like I had originally planned with my old roommates, my friends and I have been pulling our brains together to figure out to do instead.


When I lived in Greenwood (a neighborhood in Seattle), walking up to The Rickshaw on Friday and Saturdays to hit up karaoke with DJ Aphrodite!


We’d order at least three plates of fries, a few drinks, and sing until it was time to stumble back home!


Now, I used to be very into singing songs where I could be “weird” or “funny” so I didn’t actually have to sing for reals. It’s hard to do something like sing in front of everyone when you’re surrounded by so many talented performers (it is Seattle after all, so many musicians)!


A few years ago I tried my hand at actually attempting to “sing”, and I loved it!


Am I good at singing? No. Do I do it anyways? HELL YEAH!


Anywho, I’d thought I’d share my top karaoke picks depending on my mood!


When I want to be loud:


(And yes, I know all the lyrics and can actually recite them all.)




(PS: Catch them at Pain in the Grass 2018! Get your tickets HERE!)



When I want to party:

(This is my current go to jam!)



And per my friends’ request:

(My friend Ashton always makes me sing this for her. I can't sing anything except the hook, I think she thinks me flubbing is funny.)

(I saw a bad ass older lady who was mad at her boyfriend sing this once and had to follow suit. Now my friends request it when we get into a muscials type of night) 

(Gets all the folks singing!) 


What songs do you think I should try next? Or what is your favorite spot to sing karaoke?

Have a great weekend! 

~ Vicky B