Vicky's Dirty N' Nerdy Blog: "All The Trailers!"

July 27, 2017

Good Friday-Jr to you all!


As you probably heard (unless you're living under a rock), San Diego Comic Con happened last weekend. It is like nerd heaven! On top of that, we always get a ton of news, pictures and upcoming movie trailers!


I figured I'd give you a rundown on the trailers I personally geeked out over!





Thor Ragnarok 


Where the hell was Thor in Captain America? Or even Hulk? He went M.I.A in the second Avengers movie. Thor Ragnorak looks like a much different movie than the first three. They took a cue from Guardians of the Galaxy and added color and a fun soundtrack. I feel like it is possible that since they’re both in space, we might see them cross paths soon, and there might be more info about that actually (spoilers)….


Justice League


I’m going to be honest: Man of Steel was beautiful but awful; Batman V. Superman was meh. Since Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies, the only truly great film DC has come out with recently was Wonder Woman. This trailer looks like it will have some bad ass fights, but also some fun moments thanks to the witty Flash, but only time will tell if this movie lives up to the first Avengers movie.




Lego Ninjago


With The Lego Movie being a huge success in 2014 and then with The Lego Batman movie this year, it’s safe to say they have a great movie making recipe. Awesome voice actors + funny awkward dialog + Legos = Great movie!





BJ actually hipped me to this one! Starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, this is a cop movie mixed with a fantasy/ science fiction world. I feel like this might also have underlining tones of what is going on in the world and our nation today so it might still hit close to home for some.


Even though it is directed by David Ayer (who directed Suicide Squad) I still have high hopes since he also directed Fury and this is a Netflix movie.







Westworld Season 2

The world was introduced to the Westworld remake last year in 2016, and we were promised a season 2 in 2018. It seems like a long time, but when you take into account the beautiful special effects and story line, it makes perfect sense.


It seems like this new season will not skimp on the bloodshed and be less of a mystery and more of a fluid story line. Hopefully with more sex scenes too... <3



Stranger Things Season 2


If you are an 80’s scary movie fan, and you haven’t seen Stranger Things yet, then what are you waiting for? You have until October to binge all of the episodes on Netflix!


From the music, the acting, the scare jumps, and the sets, you feel like you’re in the 80’s! I even saw a shot that had the exact same sheets my folks had in the 80’s! They nailed all the details down!


I’m excited to watch this will all 5 of my Stranger Things themed shirts! Haha




The Defenders Season 1


Daredevil Seasons 1-2 = Amazing

Jessica Jones Season 1 = Fantastic

Luke Care Season 1 = Pretty great

Iron Fist = Meh


That being said, I have high hopes for the first season of The Defenders! I can’t wait to see how the heroes clash with each other but also kick a ton of ass!


Plus they use one of my favorite Nirvana songs in the trailer so I'm sold!



Rocko’s Modern Life


Wait, what?! Did I somehow get teleported back to the 90’s where my brother and I were fighting over the remote while eating my 3D Doritos and Fruit by the Foot?


Apparently they are rebooting this 90’s favorite and giving it an update while making fun of our latest trends and obsessions like cell phones, energy drinks, action movies, and food trucks!


I just wonder if they are going to include all the dirty jokes we didn’t understand as kids…


Orville Season 1


Seth MacFarlane as the star and Jon Favreau as director? Yes please! I love both of what these guys bring to the table. This very much is going to be a spoof on Star Trek but without making fun of the fandom. I expect a ton of laughs!