Vicky's Dirty N' Nerdy Blog: "The Gauntlet: Infinity"

May 19, 2017

This weekend is going to be really exciting!


The Rev, Uncle Chris, our buddy Josh from The Omega Gamers, and me will be participating in The Gauntlet: Infinity! We are the BJ Geek Nation Team!

What is it? It’s an awesome, yearly charity event where there teams of four raise money then compete in an all day gaming tournament to see who comes out victorious!

All proceeds go to Treehouse, which is a Seattle based non-profit that has works to provide academic and other essential support for foster youth in Washington State.


You can come check us out while we compete, or you can harass BJ (he’ll be casually playing games and hanging out). It will be at Mox Boarding House on May 21st starting at 12 pm.

Or if you can’t hang you can catch the stream on the Card Kingdom Twitch Channel! 

This will be my second time participating in this; the first year we came in 12th, last year the crew came in 11th, so this year, we have to at least make it to 10th place!


Before this fundraising, I believe none of our team had ever even played any of these games so we have been practicing the games as much as we can.


Here is what we will be playing:


Captain Sonar


This is like Battleship with a team and on steroids! There will be a twist with this game play because at the tournament we will be playing against the clock instead of another team.






For those who like resource management games, this one is known as the granddaddy of them, which is weird because it’s been around only since 2005.


I actually just played this with BJ and Uncle Chris and won! I am the most confident about this one!



Ponzi Scheme  


Not gonna lie, I am the most worried about this game. It’s basically collecting money then having to be able to pay the ridiculous interest rates that come up later all while trading money for resources that will give you point later. The point of the game is not only to have a lot of resources, but to not be the first to go bankrupt AKA not have money to pay your interest.


I don’t do well with money and I don’t do well with gambling, and this is all the game is. I might have to play it like I do Poker and that is just say “Screw it, let’s see what happens” and maybe I’ll get lucky! I know the Rev wasn’t looking forward to this at all either, he might rage quit so we have to make sure we give him a tasty snack beforehand.




If you want to donate to our group, you can here but if you can’t now, feel free to donate to Treehouse at any time. It’s a great cause and we are excited to play!


Hope to see you there.


Until next time…stay nerdy!


~ Vicky B