Vicky's Dirty N' Nerdy Blog: Logan and X-23

January 25, 2017


Welcome to my first ever blog, and just like the name implies, things will get nerdy, or dirty, or hell, both! Today, we will be getting our geek on.


One of the most anticipated movies coming out this year (and not just by me) is Hugh Jackman's final movie as Wolverine: Logan


Check out the first trailer:


When this trailer was first released, shivers ran down my spine and tears formed in my eyes. The use of Johnny Cash's "Hurt" was powerful and a perfect fit considering this will be an "Old Man Logan" story.


For those who don't know, Wolverine has the power to heal rapidly, doesn't age as fast as human (he's over 100 years old at this point) and has three bone claws in each hand. At one point, he is put through the Weapon X program to fuse those bone claws with Adamantium, one of the strongest metals in the Marvel Comic Universe. "Old Man Logan" story is based in the future, when he is starting to feel weak with age; his ability to heal is diminishing.


One of the most talked about and debated things in the first trailer was the young girl in the trailer. Professor X even makes a comment that she is "like Logan" which had many people wondering if he meant that she is in reality his clone, X-23 from the cartoons and comics. She has the same healing ability but with only two bone claws in each hand and then one on each foot.


After this second trailer was released recently, that question was answered, and yes, I squealed in excitement to see my ALL TIME favorite character in comics show up on the big screen.


(Again, they killed it with the music they picked! "Way Down We Go" by Kaleo)


There is my girl, Laura Kinney, AKA X-23; claws out and kicking ass. 


Yes, I said, "my girl". We all have that one song, that one show, that one character, what have you, that is simply "ours".


Since her first appearance in the animated series X-men Evolution, I have been connected to this fictional character. She was portrayed as a tan, long brown haired, 14-year-old, exactly what I was at that time. She had an anger burning inside of her, with no idea on how to let it out besides in destructive ways, something everyone can relate to at one point in their lives.


My eyes were glue to the screen that Saturday morning, thus sparking my love of the character. She has since appeared in many comics, including her own, cartoons and even video games, and now it is time to see her in her full glory on screen. 

Here's a glimpse of that episode with a very fitting song for the time:



I will admit, I get a little jealous when others say how much they love this character as well, but I get over it quick, because, well, who can blame them.


If you want to see proof of my obsession, check it out:


From comics...

To action figures...


And even a tattoo:


She will always be my favorite.

I have high hopes for this movie; the other two Wolverine movies were exceptionally disappointing to us fans. Since Deadpool came out with their "R" rating it paved the way for Logan to do the same; and quite frankly, it shouldn't be any other way. Come March 11th, I will be first in line to see this, be sure of that.