Vicky's Dirty N' Nerdy Blog: "Nerd Just Like Dad"

April 21, 2017

Hello my fellow nerds and nerd-ettes!


Big news just came out that will make all you Mulder and Scully fans extremely happy!

The X-Files will be coming back for another 10 episodes in the 2017-2018 TV season. If you recall, they came back for a 6 episode miniseries last year after about 14 years off the air.


The first thing I thought about when I saw the news was to immediately send the article to my dad for him to see.

I have memories as a little kid staying up late every Sunday night with my dad to watch the new episode just to leave 5-10 minutes into the show when I got scared. My dad loves that show to this day and we talk about bingeing it together now that I’m not *as* scared of the monsters and suspense.


That got me thinking of all the nerdy interests we both have.


A movie we are both excited for (coming out on May 26th) Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. We already have plans on how it’s going to go down: we are going to meet up at the Cinnebare for some popcorn, finger foods and of course, rum drinks! (He had never gone until this past February when I took him for his birthday and loved the place.)


How we both got into the Pirates of the Caribbean series was different for each of us. I was 13-14 ish years old and loved the idea of running around in awesome costumes, traveling the world and being a well known pirate. My dad originally thought the first movie was silly, but when he had to get surgery, that movie was playing over and over on TV for the month he was out and he eventually fell in love with all of it.

We periodically have marathons when we do get a chance to hang out.  



One other hobby we both share is our love of comic books. Funny enough, he never pushed them on me; I found them on my own. While my first loves were X-men, The Runaways, and Daredevil, he was into Spider-Man, and even some comics about the band KISS. These comics were the ones done on newspaper type paper and were in black and white!  



My dream is to one day make enough money to be able to buy him all those old comics from his youth and make him an epic movie screening room with a giant popcorn maker. Until then, we will continue to nerd out as father and daughter!