Vicky's Dirty N' Nerdy Blog: "Nerdy Snacks"

June 29, 2017

Earlier this week, I went on my Costco shopping day for my big grocery haul for the month. The reason I bring this up is because when I was at the checkout line, I realized that most of my items are snacks I can eat with one hand while I’m reading comics, binging a new show, or playing a board game. Stuff like the healthy kettle corn, some hummus and pretzels and pre sliced apples like if I was a child.


Yeah, I win at being an adult.


Anywho, it got me wondering about the awesome nerdy snacks out there.


 There are two categories: Snacks with a nerdy theme to them and snacks we eat while doing nerdy things.


The first snack that came to mind was one our buddy Pete Greenberg from Talking Snack introduced us to on BJ Geek Nation, Bean Boozled! There are two different flavors per color of jelly bean, one tasty, the other horrid. It’s like Russian roulette but with jelly beans!

If that’s not your jam, you could always go for some Harry Potter Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans!



Speaking of Harry Potter, how about some tasty Butter Beer?


Or if you need an energy burst, how about some Mana?


Or if you’re looking to drink an adult beverage, how about some Game of Thrones Beer?


I’m not sure if this counts as “nerdy” but I feel like an awesome nerd eating the Halloween themed cereal every year!


For some tasty desserts, you can’t go wrong with adding in some Geek Sprinkles from our friend Tara the Geeky Hostess


I then asked the guys what they thought!


Rev mentioned that no DND group is complete without Funyuns and some Mountain Dew!

When you have a #flaminhot problem ----#pepsico #mntdew #fritolay #munchies #funyuns #snacks

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The Prodigy suggests Drumsticks while binging a show and pizza for practically any geeky activity!


Sometimes I really just want to eat a by myself -- get in my belly! #pizzaprobs #hungryforpizza #frozenpizza

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Chris is a fan of some Romulan Ale or when the Star Trek Hilton was around, he had some fun with a Warp Core Breach drink!

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Look at this awesome drink. #stlv50 #warpcorebreach

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What is your favorite nerdy snack?


Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy! ~ Vicky B