Vicky's Dirty N' Nerdy Blog: Prefunking w/ Card Games

February 2, 2017


Hola amigos!


The weekend is almost here, which means it's time to get our drink on!


I don't know know about you, but I do love me some prefunking; I save some money on drinks and I get to play some games with my buddies. 


Now standard drinking games like Kings Cup or Beer pong are classics, but being the nerd that I am, I'm all about the card and board games. 


A go to card game that even non-gamers enjoy is Cards Against Humanity (CAH)! You can purchase it pretty much anywhere now (it used to be only available on their site and had to wait on a waiting list) or you can even print it from their website! It plays just like Apples to Apples, excpet you know, very filthy. 


Here is a screenshot of a time the Reverend En Fuego played so you get an idea of what you're in for:




The most entertaining aspect of CAH is the shock value of what is written on the cards, and even though they have plenty of expansion packs to get to keep it fresh, sometimes you need a different treat.


If you have friends who don't get off their phones (like me), then maybe you should look into playing Game of Phones!


It plays like CAH, excpet instead of looking for a card in your hand to play, you use your phone as well as have 60 seconds to find your pick of the "best" selfie or finding the funniest and/or worst texts you have, ect. I do reccomend keeping the chargers near by for this one otherwise, when your ride shows up, you'll be going out with a nearly dead phone!



Do you like to argue about hypothetic situations? For example, would a T-Rex that can breath fire but has to pee really bad defeat Abe Linclon that has a voo doo doll of his oponent and can summon an army of internet trolls? You make a "monster" and have to argue on why you think they would win in that fight.



The cool thing about this game is that there are multiple variations on how to play as well as plenty of expansions to choose from including the "R Deck" and yes, I own that one too. ;P 



They even now have a monthy subscription where you could get a brand new deck every month!




Moving on to a twist on a classic; if you're a fan of Charades and are potientially a filthy human being like myself, you will enjoy God Hates Charades


It's a simple as picking an "Actor" card to see who you will be portraying, than a "Scenerio" card to know what you will be doing then act it out by talking, using voices or pantomiming your scene.





What do you like to play when you're pre-funking? 


- <3 Vicky B