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February 10, 2017

So, the weekend is upon us, and I may or maynot have spent a lot of money this week shopping online and at the comic book stores so I can't really go out and party this weekend.


Instead, I shall grab myself a 6 pack of cider, turn on the fire place (because I'm cool and have an electric one) and cozy up with my laptop. One of my favorite things for years was keeping up with different webcomics. You have nerdy fictional ones, sexual learning ones, and some autobiographical ones. I used to read about 12 different comics a week ranging from some being updated daily to once a week. This of course was easier to keep up to date with when I was college because hey, let's be honest, I wasn't the greatest student. 


So, maybe I will go back and try to catch up on the last 7 years worth of comics, but to be honest, I will probably just check out my current favorites. 


If you're looking to get into some, here are some good ones to start off with:


Sarah's Scribbles

Sarah Scribbles is a cute little comic that gets updated Saturdays and Wednesdays about a day in the life of a girl. Whether it's dealing with loving music everyone else seems to hate, or being overwelmed by the world, I feel like regardless of gender or backround, you can relate to her!





Adam Ellis


You might reconize Adam's work from Buzzfeed. He has no problem talking about his guilty pleasures and making fun of himself a little bit, and let's be honest, most of the stuff he talks about, we are are probably guilty of too!



C. Cassandra


A photo posted by C. Cassandra (@cassandracalin) on


Sarah Graley




The Awkward Yeti


Now creator Nick Seluk has multilple series on his site he does including following an awkward Yet (hense the name) in familiar uncomforable situations. It also features Heart and Brain, a clever comic showing how we constantly have a fight between what we want (Heart) and what we should be doing (brain). Super cute!