Vicky's Dirty N' Nerdy Blog: "Spoiler Free Guardians of the Galaxy Review"

May 11, 2017

Over the weekend I watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and was completely blown away. I laughed throughout the entire movie, I cried/teared up on more than one occasion, and the movie was a good pace even for its 2 hour and 18 min run time!


Now since the movie has been out for only a week, I won’t give out any plot spoilers, but I do want to talk about why these characters are some of the best ever written and acted.

(PS: IF you are going to see it, stay after the credits for all FIVE bonus scenes!)


Star Lord:

Big things and revelations happen to Star Lord AKA Peter Quill, and Chris Pratt had another wonderful performance. He is able to bring everything to the table from being a dummy to dealing with some hard emotional stuff.



Bad ass as always, a deep character with a lot of pain but it doesn’t let it stop her when she needs to kick some bad guy butt! We do get a little bit more background of her relationship with her sister Nebula.



He’s smart, he’s snarky, and a bit of an a-hole, but he does have some very real “self aware” moments that hit me hard since I’ve been known to be similar to him.  



He had some great, memorable lines throughout this movie that I will be quoting non-stop for the next 3 months. Spoilers, there is one line about turds that just about killed me!

With the previous movie, a lot of people were really grateful with Dave Bautista’s performance stating that he connected with his autistic fans and I know they will be enjoying him again.



Plus, Dave Bautista was patient when having to apply and remove his makeup which makes us cherish him even more!




He stole the show. He will make you laugh, he will make you “AWWWW” and he might even make you tear up a little bit!



On top of these amazing characters, the soundtrack knocked it out of the park! 



If you have seen the movie, what did you think? Who was your favorite character?


Until next time, 

Stay Nerdy!

~Vicky B