What Pain in the Grass 2019 Artists are Nerds Too

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April 26, 2019

Happy Friday! 


Pain in the Grass 2019 is right around the corner and the line up is insane!

Three epic days of melting your face off ROCK! 

(Get your tickets before it's too late!) 


One of the cool things about being a geek/nerd in 2019 is the fact that everyone is open with their fandoms!


That being said, I wanted to share with you some of the geeky things some of the the Pain in the Grass Artists are into! 


Rob Zombie loves comics and horror movies 


This should not come to any surprise to anyone given all the comic books and horror movies Rob Zombie has put out. 

Did you also know he not only admires Alice Cooper and Steven Spielberg but also Marvel's very own Stan Lee!" 

Check out this interview with Men's Health where he talks about it! 

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18 years ago on the set of House Of 1000 Corpses with @waltongogginsbonafide and @sherimoonzombieofficial . #robzombie #sherimoonzombie #waltongoggins #houseof1000corpses

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By the way, did you catch this Easter Egg of him in Guardians of the Galaxy? 



Corey Taylor of Slipknot voiced a Monster in Doctor Who

If you're a Doctor Who fan, did you happen to catch that Corey Taylor was both the roar for the Fisher King and the Twelfth Doctor's hologram ghost in the episode Before the Flood? 

This is both very cool and impressive! 


He also is one of the many of us excited to see Avengers EndGame!

Ya Heard. #endgame

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Marilyn Manson Loves and has Lent his Voice for a Video Game

I was super surprised to read that Manson loves video games, specifically, Mario Kart! 

Not only that, he lent his voice for the video game Area 51! 


Carla Harvey of the Butcher Babies is an Artist and Comic Book Writer 

She can sing, growl, draw, write...what can't Carla do? She is so bad ass!


Special delivery to #universalstudios backlot today --I spent weeks working on this piece and I’ve gotten quite attached to her. I’m glad she’s going to a good home!! Prints available on my site ❤️❤️

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Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy!

~ Vicky B