When is Too Early To Start Decorating for the Holidays?

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September 6, 2019

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Happy September! 

We are six days in, and here in Seattle...it still feels like summer.


I'm not the only one who expects that once August is over, autumn begins. 


Bring out the fall leaves, the pumpkin spice, apple cider, scarfs, boots, crisp air, and holiday decorating!


To be honest, I had my house nicely decorated for fall/Halloween before my birthday (which is August 28th)....and a lot of people gave me crap that it was too early!



I saw Phooey to them! Not only is it scientifically proven that decorating early makes you happier, but it's probably the best time of year! 

Eating and drinking comfort foods, playing indoor games, reading by the fire...what's not to love about it? 


Even though my friends were giving me a hard time in a loving way, I've noticed that the internet trolls are out there hating on people for this!


This is true with music too! I had the longest time not being able to admit that I still love My Chemical Romance because of some lingering high school fear of getting made fun off. But I finally got tired of it and just have started saying how I really feel, and the fun part, I find out others have love for the same things too! I had no idea Migs loves them too!


Just let people like what they like and live your life the way want, and believe me, you will be happier!

So when is too early to decorate for the Holidays? It's up to you and what brings you happiness!

So enjoy your Pumpkin everything drinks and foods, your comfy bulky boots, and whatever else you heart desires, regardless of what the trolls and haters say. Do you!

~ Vicky B 

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