Walking Dead, Villains, Heroes, Horror all in one in Portland!

Walking Stalker Con / Heroes & Villains Fan Fest Portland 1.13-1.14.18

January 16, 2018

Event: Walking Stalker Con / Heroes & Villains Fan Fest
Location: Oregon Convention Center - Portland 1/13-1/14/18
Photos: KISW.com {View Here} Complete Facebook Gallery {View Here}
Review/Photos by "Iron" Mike & Stephanie Savoia 

What a weekend it was down in Portland with the Walker Stalker Con & Heroes and Villains Fan Fest together as one event in the Oregon Convention Center. Was fantastic to see attendees from Seattle and Canada down for the event. With only 7 Walker Stalker show locations in the U.S.A. in '18 and this being the first (Chicago, Nashville, Orlando, Atlanta, San Jose and New Jersey follow this year) and only 4 Heroes and Villains Fan Fests (Chicago, Nashville, New Jersey and San Jose) fans have to choose their specific locations. Australia is scheduled next month for Walker Stalker with London and Germany even on the schedule for both events in March. Walker Staker Schedule {View Here} Heroes and Villains Fan Fest {View Here}. 

What is Walker Stalker Con? Everything to do with The Walking Dead TV show, the highest total viewership of any series in cable television history and still running strong into its just announced upcoming 9th season. After attending our first Walker Stalker Con, www.walkerstalkercon.com does state it perfect on their site "Walker Stalker Con is by fans, for fans. Our focus is on authentic interactions with actors, free family-friendly activities through-out our convention floors, and a relaxed environment where the actors we love can be themselves." All-true with autograph sessions and photo opportunities with your favorite Walking Dead actors past/present like Michael Cudlitz (Abraham), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan), Tom Payne (Jesus), Steven Yeun (Glenn), Christian Serratos (Rosita), and Steven Ogg (Simon) to name a few. 
There was even great panel discussions where the actors answered questions from the hosts and many direct from the audience!
 Combined with the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest you get an amazing combination of other actors and more Comic Con vibes. As stated on their website: www.heroesfanfest.com "What is Heroes and Villains? We bring the stars of today’s comic inspired television shows & movies to you! From Agents of SHIELD to Guardians of the Galaxy, we’ve got it! Best of all? You won’t just meet superheroes…you’ll become one! We have immersive experiences like safe archery and more! There’s something for everyone!" Indeed there was! Get your photo with Batman climbing a building on Saturday, then surfing with Batman Sunday or get your photo with Star Wars characters (thanks www.StarWarsOregon.com) that was incredible, especially the life-like Chewbacca and the "Be the Hans Solo charater in toy packaging" photo op that I did. 
Stephanie wanted to point out all the great booths you could buy things from that included everything from comics, Pop! figures (we bought Elton John and Jerry Garcia figures), Japanese kimono pattern jewelry, Nerdscape Creations and their nerdy knitting,
 Rob Prior’s art and watching him paint was unreal! He emersses himself in the hard rock/metal tunes and lets his body control the painbrushes in a posession that is amazing!
One of the highlights always at these kind of shows is the random cosplay of attendees. Walker Stalker Con & Heroes and Villains Fan Fest didn't disappoint! 
One of the centerpieces on the mainfloor was the superstar lineup of tattoo artists including the GeeksterInk Legends like Chris 51 (Oregon) and Lucky 13 Sinakhom (Maine). We watched Chris 51 do unreal cartoon and coloring designs on a customer and caught Lucky 13 Sinakhom sophisticatedly inking original Dead Kennedys drummer D. H. Peligro's back!
 As media, we tried to get some photos of certain actors/celebrities in attendance and always asking first, some allowed and some didn't. For the one's that did they were all super cool from the Walking Dead to the Arrow TV shows! Stephanie was stoked with Christian Serratos (Rosita - Walking Dead) who's also New Politics singer David Boyd's partner and wanted to give her a special yell-out thanks for taking the extra time to chat with us. She also was cool with Sean Patrick Flanery (The Boondock Saints, Saint & Sinners movies) and David Della Rocco (Comedian, The Boondock Saints).
Me, big shout outs to Josh Segarra (Arrow, Chicago PD), Jeff Daniel Phillips (Rob Zombie's 31, Geico Caveman), Pollyanna McIntosh (Walking Dead) and fellow Seattleite and green haired lovely Emma Dumont.
Our convention ended on Sunday with a surprise to Seattle's own famous actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan - Walking Dead, Rampage) who I sent back in a crazy time warp to our school days and basketball court runnings at Rose Hill Jr. High when we got to see him during his photo opp sessions. Amazing moment/reaction decades later and it's insane he went Hollywood and I went Rock 'N Roll after school.
 Overall the experience was awesome. Here's some notes Stephanie wrote down thought I'd share:

- Mail badges out. People waited 1 1/2 to 2 hours on Saturday morning to get their badges to enter.
- Had a couple of good open areas for cosplay people to hang out and be seen/photographed.
- Great variety of booths.
- We never saw anyone behaving badly. At all! Fun crowd!
- The celebs we met were very nice.
- Seeing Rockaholics (aka KISW 99.9FM listeners) down from Seattle there.
- Climbing wall for kids.
- Panels and the space was good but I think they will outgrow the space quickly.
- Most people in some sort of line for a long time: autographs, photos, food, atm, badges...
- Great guests at the Live Stage.
- If held here again, parking, don’t forget Moda Center isn’t a bad walk.
- Photo ops, quality of the cosplay and art was wonderful!

So if you read this somewhere outside the Northwest and would love to attend a Walker Stalker Con and Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in the U.S. London, Australia or Germany in 2018 check these links out and buy your tickets now!
www.walkerstalkercon.com & www.heroesfanfest.com Also download the free Fan Fest App for your iPhone or Android phone - that was a lot of help keeping track of what was going on in the day.