WATCH: 4-Year-Old's Dreams Crushed When Told She Couldn't Attend Slayer Concert

By: Jon Wiederhorn

March 15, 2018

One of Slayer's youngest fans appeared to be devastated when her dad told her she couldn’t go see the legendary thrash metal band on its farewell tour, and her father captured the heartbreak on video.

“She’s VERY cross with me right now,” wrote her dad on his Facebook in a post that has been embraced by even the biggest metal fans.

The clip, shot in a car, starts with the little girl telling her dad several times, “I just wanna go see Slayer.”

“You can’t go see Slayer, baby. You’re too little,” he replies. After a pause, he asks, “Are you mad at me?” and then his daughter bursts into tears.

The man tries to placate his daughter by asking her if she wants to go see Cinderella or Mickey Mouse instead, but the child remains inconsolable.

Watch the hilarious video below (contains profanity):

Slayer’s final North American tour launches May 10 in San Diego, California and wraps up August 26 in San Jose, California