Kid Rock

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WATCH: Kid Rock Sunk A 40-Foot Putt In Front Of Jack Nicklaus

By: Anthony Capobianco

April 23, 2018

You ain't never met a golfer quite like him.

While showing off some of his mad golfing skills at the Bass Pro Shops Legends of Golf Celebrity Shootout, American Badass Kid Rock pulled off one of the trickiest shots of the day: a 40-foot putt. 

Playing in front of hundreds of people is one thing. But Kid Rock also had to pull it off in front of his partner, golfing legend Jack Nicklaus.

Rock and Nicklaus took home the win in the 2017 tournament, but as impressive as his putt was, it wasn't enough to secure the 2018 win for the duo. Instead, this year's winners were Johnny Miller and Larry the Cable Guy.