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Todd from BECU joins us live in studio. Caller James owns a bunch of money for his car payments along with medical debt, wants to know if he should go into bankruptcy. Caller Aubrey just opened her own business and wants to know what help BECU can offer. A texter is close to foreclosure and wants...

Joey "Deez" Blog "Binge Watching"

With all the great T.V. shows out there these days it’s made binge watching not only easy, but almost required. With the addition of new shows on Netflix, who release entire season of a show at one time, I’ve been quickly getting addicted to all sorts of TV shows thanks to my friends on social...
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Migs Blog: Olympics!

The Olympics are in full swing and have been dominating in the ratings…it surely helps that America has been just dominating. As I am typing this, the US has 84 medals, and China is the closest to us with 51 medals. USA! USA! USA! There is a video that I came across that is beyond hilarious…a...
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Video of Monkey attack walmart cart pusher lancaster ohio Video of Soldier Surprises Mother at Work Video of Gold Medalist Diver Ilya Zakharov Belly FLOPS in Semifinal FULL VIDEO at Rio Olympics 2016 “Will Hayes absolutely believes and is totally convinced, that there are mermaids and they do exist...
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Q13 82,000 told to evacuate, part of I-15 closed as wildfire east of L.A. grows SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A wildfire raging through drought-parched canyons near Cajon Pass in Southern California has forced the mandatory evacuation of thousands of people... Tough 80-year-old chases after bike thief...
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This week Steve fulfills his wrestling podcast quota by chatting about the virtues of old school wrassler, the Poet Laureate...Leapin' Lanny Poffo!  Glenn shares an insane road trip to Montana that the guys in Windowpane made to play a festival in Montana with BuckCherry this weekend.  The Rev...