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Joey "Deez" Blog "Amusement Parks"

Over the weekend, The Show and I took a trip to Atlanta for our annual “Morning Show Boot Camp”. The trip was freaking awesome full of great food and a bunch amazing radio personalities. I could have gone without the 95 degree heat and 40% humidity but it did set the stage for a crazy day at a 6...
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Migs Blog: Too Tired To Blog!

Today is one of those days where I am just dragging ass all morning. There is not enough coffee in our coffee machine to get me moving. So what does that mean? I am mailing it in for this blog. Here is a funny video of a kid that swallowed the squeaky part of a dog toy. Have a great day!
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Video of Spirit Airlines passenger's in-flight meltdown is caught on camera Video of Angry Baboon Monkey Smacks little Girls in the Face with Poop :)) Video of NEWPORT BEACH ROAD RAGE CAUGHT ON CAMERA; POLICE INVESTIGATING Video of NEWPORT BEACH ROAD RAGE CAUGHT ON CAMERA; POLICE...
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Q13 Amid protests, Seattle City Council votes to move ahead on new, $149M police precinct building SEATTLE – The Seattle City Council passed a resolution Monday night to build a new, $149 million north precinct building for police. The... Man arrested for allegedly starting California blaze that...
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