BJ & Migs

Ted & Steve recap their 4th Of July Weekend, which was the inspiration of this week’s Ted Talk.  They also talk about giving away tickets to people in need…both for good, and naughty reasons, and Steve once thought that stippers had “punch cards” for loyal customers?!?

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The Prodigy's Blog "Fireworks"

The weekend has come and gone and if you’re anything like me, the only thing remaining is a giant hangover. Yes I celebrated the 4th in good fashion, watching fireworks and partying hard, but I have something to admit. I thought the fireworks were a bit lackluster. I will mention that I was a bit...
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Migs Blog: Give Her A Hand!

Some magician in Poland tried to do a trick on a Polish TV show the other day, and the trick failed …and failed really, really, really bad! So bad that one of the co-hosts got her hand IMPALED on a huge nail. The nail was about six inches long and a quarter-inch thick. The magician had put a nail...
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Video of Breaking News: Prince Died But I want To Tell You why he fired Me First Video of Magic trick goes horribly wrong on live TV In Poland. Video of Closing the sunroof is a must during a car wash
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Q13 Pro-Trump float in parade gets pelted with water balloons in Burien; residents react (VIDEO) BURIEN, Wash. — A video shows parade-goers throwing water balloons at a pro-Trump float in Burien, one of which allegedly hit an 80-year-old woman in the face. Some are upset, but... Arsonist sets 6...
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