BJ & Migs

This week Ted and Steve chat how excited they are for the MLS Cup Finals this Saturday (Go Sounders), plus we learn that Taylor Swift could put a wrench into Ted & Steve’s friendship.

Mega Playlist: 

Push Ups:  Success!  – “Believe In”.

Black Keys – “...


Joey Deez Blog "ShotSki"

Today’s blog going to be a special “Video Blog”! Why you ask? Well Vicky found a ShotSki in our office today and a couple of people on our show much be living under a rock because they have never drank from a ShotSki before. This is unacceptable, so I’ve taken the responsibility upon my own...
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Migs Blog: Pearl Harbor

Today is a day that will live in infamy. Video of FDR: Dec. 7 to 'live in infamy' Yes it is the 75th Anniversary of the Pearl Harbor Attack, and this morning we came across an incredible story of a 104 year old man that continues to visit the memorial in honor of those that were...
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Video of Washington State Ferry hits a boat near Vashon Island Video of 104-year-old Pearl Harbor survivor returns for 75th Anniversary Video of Chris Pratt Retired His Go-To Michael Jackson Karaoke Song Video of TRY NOT TO LAUGH AT BEAVERS Video of Woman discusses MeMes with Judge Judy
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Q13 Seahawks players hurl frozen turkeys, race for groceries in charity event SEATTLE — Some Seahawks players went grocery shopping for charity Tuesday. They teamed up with Safeway Tuesday morning for... Nearly 300 students in Auburn School District asked to stay home if not vaccinated for mumps...
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