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wizards of the coast

Baldur's Gate 3

The long awaited beta Baldur's Gate 3 has finally dropped!
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Woman Threatens to Kill Her Neighbor's Dog for Changing Wi-Fi Password Watch the video HERE! What Will Daniel Craig NOT Miss About Playing James Bond? Video of Daniel Craig Never Had a Martini Before Becoming Bond Deion Sanders Was Shocked And Couldn’t Fathom Nick Foles’ Nickname Being ‘Big D***...
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Luke Clifton fills a shopping cart from a list given to him by a family using the PDX Deliver service on Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2020 at Costco in Salem, Oregon. Grocerydelivery002

Joey and Sara Go To Costco

Joey and Sara Go To Costco which leads to Joey asking what is everyone loves getting while there!
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viral vids


A Groom's Mom Goes Off During the Ceremony Video of Karen Almost Destroys Her Sons Wedding " Your Not Gonna Say My Son Has Flaws" Guy's Junk Is Growing on His Arm While He Waits for Surgery Video of British dad whose penis dropped off has new one built on his ARM in world first...
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Micah Medina of Yucca Valley as Red Team Spartan from the video game, \"Halo.\" 636708915174806962-IMG-3889.JPG

The New Game-Play Trailer For Halo Infinite Is Here

Check out the new game-play trailer For Halo Infinite!
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Mike Savoia Key Arena

Seattle’s Big Name Change

Seattle’s new arena has finally been named and people are going crazy about it online...
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deep dish pizza BJ

Joey Deez's Deep Dish Pizza

Joey Deez makes his first attempt at skillet pizza 100% from scratch and it looks amazing!
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Poo Poo Point

Hut, Hut, Hike?

Joey Deez goes on an advanced hike with his sister Ooh Sara...and he documents the adventure.
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eww bjm

Essential Workers Weekend is Here!

The BJ & Migs crew wants to give a shout out to all you Essential Workers and we dedicate this weekend to you! That’s right every hour dedicated to a different group of you! We appreciate you and thank you for everything!
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Star Trek: Picard Premiere - London

Actors You Didn't Realize Were Guest Stars on Star Trek!Actors You Didn't Realize Were Guest Stars on Star Trek!

Actors You Didn't Realize Were Guest Stars on Star Trek!
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