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Cheesecake from Sullivan's Metropolitan Grill in downtown Anderson during the 20 Under 40 of Anderson County event at The Bleckley Inn Carriage House in downtown Anderson Monday, October 28, 2019. 20 Under 40 Of Anderson County

Cheesecakemania: Cheesecake Factory Rolls Out New Line of Ice Cream

Do you love The Cheesecake Factory? Do you love ice-cream? Well I’ve got some great news for you! Today I learned that the Cheesecake Factory is releasing a line of pint sized ice-cream flavors all based on the dessert they’ve become famous for, CHEESECAKE. My mouth is watering just thinking about...
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Tomato bisque at Farmhouse Cafe & Eatery Tomato Soup Farmhouse

The Winter of Soup

Hello Rock-A-Holics and welcome to the New Year! 2019 was action packed with some many great memories; many coming from one of the best Pain in the Grass concerts ever (SLIPKNOT!). But now it’s 2020 and if you’re anything like myself, you’ve managed to somehow make and break most of your well...
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Terminator...I Don’t Think He’ll be Back

Powered by Hello Rock-A-Holics and let me be the first the welcome you to FRIDAY!!!!! I turned 31 this week and thought what better way to celebrate then watch a classic action star reboot a franchise that both my father BJ Shea and I enjoy, TERMINATOR! That’s right, Arnold is back...
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The Proper Way to Eat Your First Popeye's Chicken Sandwich Video of Popeye's Black-Tie Affair || ViralHog A Vietnam Vet's Boss Paid Off His Mortgage So He Could Retire Early Watch the video HERE!
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Paul Rudd arrives at Marvel Studios' "Avengers: Endgame" World Premiere held at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA on Monday, April 22, 2019. (Photo By Sthanlee B. Mirador/Sipa USA)

Paul Rudd’s Historic Dab

Early this week, while I was surfing the mighty internet, I stumbled upon a new episode of one my favorite YouTube series “Hot Ones”. Now this isn’t something unexpected as there are many great episodes of this fine series, but the guest they had on this week caught my attention because he plays...
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Vicky B and Ooh Sara talk about how people in Texas can get a $500 fine for an unsolicited naughty pic, then talk about how they feel about how people who post offensive comment being "outed" and are joined by Robin from the Men's Room on the subject. 

What Are Your Superstitions?

Powered by I hope everyone packed their lucky rabbit's foot today because it's Friday the 13th! Wait.....there's also a full moon!?!?!? Bad luck and werewolves? No wonder the hairs on the back of my neck are standing up. Today's blog is going to be short and spoooooky because we need...
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Did the BJ and MIGS crew survive Chicago?

Hello and welcome friends to a special deep dish edition of the Joey Deez blog!!!! Today I'm going to take you on a visually thrilling adventure through the streets of Chicago as the BJ and MIGS recap our out epic outings at Radio Bootcamp! It all started out on Wednesday morning like any other...
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Who Has The Best French Fry?

You might want to stock up on some ketchup today people. Why? Because tomorrow is National French Fry Day! Curly or crinkle cut, sweet potato or tots; no matter what form your fried potatoes are taking, they’re going to be delicious! Of course I had to poll the connoisseurs of food that I work with...
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Happy National Food Truck Day

Hello Rock-A-Holics and welcome to a special flavor packed Friday! Why is today so spicy? Because it’s National Food Truck day! That’s right; it’s time to celebrate those incredible 4-wheeled food beasts that provide us with some of the best quick eats money can buy. I know I’ll be roaming the...
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