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Meet The Seattle Man Who Cleaned Chris Cornell's Statue

The Mens Room meet the Seattle man that took it upon himself to clean the vandalized Chris Cornell statue
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Family Creates Awesome Daily Skeleton Scenes For Halloween

These Halloween skeleton decorations are so creative they’ll tickle your funny bone. Stephanie, who lives across the street takes a photo everyday of her neighbors unique lawn decorations.
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Gorillas, Lemurs and Squirrel Monkeys Get Ready For Halloween with Pumpkin Patch

Who says Halloween is just for kids? These gorillas got in on the holiday fun, playing with pumpkins at a London zoo. Staff say they had a ball smashing the jack o'lanterns open and scoping out the gooey inside, which had a special treat added- sugar-free lime jelly.
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Watch Divers Carve Pumpkins Underwater Surrounded By Sharks

Two fearless divers joined the ultimate pumpkin carving competition underwater with sharks. The Sydney Sea Life Aquarium in Australia added to the challenge after a few of their other locations showed off their carving talent while surrounded by marine life.
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