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WWE Survivor Series Predictions

As much as I love turkey and mashed potatoes, the Thanksgiving tradition I most looked forward to while growing up was Survivor Series. I always loved seeing the 5 and 6 man tag team matches that usually pitted all the good guys vs. all the bad guys. Up until this past Monday night it looked like...
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Embracing My Inner Nerd: I'm A Lifetime Wrestling Figure Collector

It’s nice to see people embracing their inner nerd. I remember a time when people were made to feel embarrassed for being obsessed with comic books, Star Trek or Magic Cards, when it wasn’t looked considered hip to dress up like science fiction characters and parade around at yearly conventions. I’...
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Kevin Diers and Cody Von Whistler made it back to the studio to go over a whole lot of topics this time

Including but not limited to.....

- The Elite leaving Bullet Club 
- Fallout from WWE Crown Jewel 
- The awesomeness of Becky Lynch 
- Survivor Series...

Halloween Headlocks: DEFY Wrestling Returns To Seattle On Saturday With "Dia De Los Muertos" Event

Since Halloween falls on a weekday this year, it’s pretty safe to call this HALLOWEEN WEEKEND. And what better way to celebrate the spookiest time of the year than watching costumed combatants beat the living hell out of each other in a Halloween themed wrestling show? DEFY wrestling returns to...
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We're back! Cody Von Whistler has returned from vacation in Hawaii and is 100% ready to chat all things wrestling with Kevin Diers. 

In this episode we discuss 

- Bang Energy Drinks

- Roman Reigns Relinquishing the Universal Title due to Leukemia 


3-2-1 Battle! Brings Us Pumpkins, Costumes, Candy and Pro Wrestling with "Horror Business"

It’s my favorite time of the year. Candy, scary movies, pumpkin patches, dressing up in ridiculous costumes and of course the annual 3-2-1 Battle! Halloween bash “Horror Business.” It’s all going down this Friday (October 19th) at the Battle Palace aka Evolve Fitness. Pre sale tickets are sold out...
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Independent Wrestling Comes To Everett On October 21st

The underground independent wrestling scene in the Northwest is continuing the grow at an incredible rate. On Sunday October 21st the city of Everett will be home to their own brand-new wrestling company as Without A Cause (WAC) presents their first show “WAC Volume 1: A Seat At The Table.” The...
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The Perfect Wrestling Theme Song: Anything by Hatebreed

News flash: I’m not a pro wrestler and chances are after my ill-fated backyard wrestling days in High School, I’ll never step foot in the ring again. But a conversation that comes up time and time again with friends is, “What would your entrance theme be?” For me the answer is pretty simple...
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Rebel Girls, Indeed: 3-2-1 Battle! Highlights The Best In Women’s Wrestling This Weekend

These days, it doesn’t take too much effort to tune in to a high-quality women’s wrestling match. Between NXT, WWE, the Mae Young Classic tournament, the Impact “Knockouts” division, Lucha Underground and the ROH “Women of Honor” division, it’s a much different landscape than a couple years ago. It...
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