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Support Local Wrestling From Home: WAC Watch Along Party This Saturday Night

If you’re anything like me – an unapologetic mark – you’re really missing going to see wrestling live and in person. Over the past 3+ years, the local wrestling scene in the Northwest has blown up, led by companies like DEFY, Lucha Libre Volcanica, 3-2-1 Battle! and of course WAC (Without A Cause).
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Stay Home, Watch Indie Wrestling

So, it’s pretty safe to say that a lot of us have a bit of free time at home these days. Getting tired of re-watching Joe Exotic and his Tiger King escapades or reruns of the Masked Singer? I’m thankful to be living in a time where there is SO MUCH FREE WRESTLING available at the simple click of a...
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Daniel Makabe is one of the best damn wrestlers today. And as it turns out, he’s also a huge music nerd too. I caught up with Makabe this past week and we discussed everything from his recent trip to WXW, isolating for 14 days after the trip, wrestling documentaries, rock documentaries, his bands,...

Killer Kross - Straight From The DEFY Ring To The WWE Performance Center

Congratulations to Killer Kross! After being granted his release from Impact Wrestling near the end of 2019, the 34-year-old Las Vegas-based standout was one of the most sought-after free agents on the independent wrestling scene. When Killer Kross showed up on Friday night to face off against the...
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Kevin and Simon are joined by merch-a-maniac Dustin and DEFY bigwig Jim Perry to talk all things wrestling...
Here's some of the things they discussed
- DEFY selling out "Year 3"
- the past 3 years of DEFY
- Upcoming DEFY shows
- Jim Perry's backyard wrestling career...