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On this post mania episode we talk... you guessed it wrestling!!

Joined once again by the current 3-2-1 Solid Steel Champion Steve West the gang tackle 



the superstar shake up

Everyone favorite new tag team The...

Friday Night Fights: 3-2-1 Battle! Returns To The Showbox For BattleMania 2019

SOLID STEEL returns to the Showbox as Seattle’s weirdest band of badass underground wrestlers takes over one of the most iconic Northwest venues tomorrow night (Friday April 19th) for their biggest event of the year – BattleMania! Video of Welcome to 3-2-1 Battle! For members of the 3-2-1 Battalion...
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WrestleMania 35 Weekend Is Here: My Top 5 Most Anticipated Matches

Rejoice Wrestling fans! It's here! WrestleMania weekend has arrived again and it’s time for all of us to sit back with some snacks and beverages and take in all 6,784 hours of this grappling spectacle on Sunday night. If you’d like to hear me break down the entire WrestleMania 35 card match by...
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The Bearded Boss Behind The Scenes: A Q&A With WAC Wrestling Promoter Max Zaleski

On Sunday afternoon (March 24), Without A Cause (WAC) will be bringing pro wrestling back up to Everett with WAC 5: First Day Of Springboard. The event promises marquee independent stars like Joey Ryan, Priscilla Kelly, Darby Allin and Sammy Guevara wrestling alongside standouts of the Northwest...
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Friday Night Fights: DEFY Brings The "Dragon Spirit" To Seattle

What better way to kick off your weekend than watching a bunch of dudes beat the crap out of each other? Count me in! DEFY returns to the historic Washington Hall tomorrow night (Friday March 8th) for “Dragon Spirit,” another killer wrestling card that promises to provide yet another evening of...
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Ring Of Honor Brings "State Of The Art" Wrestling To Kent

Ring Of Honor is finally making the voyage to the Northwest! For the past 17 years, Ring Of Honor has grown from a notable independent wrestling federation that helped start the careers of stars like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe and AJ Styles to being a nationally syndicated wrestling company...
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Some how some way the boyz have made it to episode ten! (Insert artist formally know as Tye Dillinger .gif) 

Things get weird right away as we talk about all things wrestling!

- WWE and the road to WrestleMania 

- ROH in Kent