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SO Loud. SO Local. Check out these shows & support your local musicians

Your Friday, Saturday AND Sunday nights will be destined for excellence if you get out and see some of our favorite Loud & Local bands! The good times start Friday at The Edgewater in Seattle with the Chris Cornell Acoustic Trio Tribute featuring Outshined . You could opt to see Anthem RUSH...
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[Video] #Pain2019 band Pound melts a guy's face (and mind)

If you plan on getting to Pain in the Grass early on Saturday, August 3rd, consider yourself warned - your face may be melted when Pound takes the stage. This was certainly the case for a showgoer at a recent Pound gig: A reminder to rock at your own risk, Rockaholics! This Seattle-based...
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Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday April 21st, 2019

Actionesse – I Want Doubts Burn Burn Burn – 20th and Hendo Accused A.D. – Juego Terminado Always Naked Interview Always Naked – Monster Always Naked – Me & You Always Naked – Dust Wild Powwers – Buff Stuff The Famished Interview The Famished – Walker Bar Song The Famished – Yoga Pants The...
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Scope out these Loud & Local bands this weekend

The work week has FLOWN by and it's time to get back to a local rock show! Check out these awesome bands all weekend long... The fun actually kicks off TONIGHT for the Best of the NW Tributes in our area! Stargazer - Mother Love Bone Tribute plays the Little Creek Casino this evening, then...
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Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday April 14th, 2019

Bruiser Brody - Everyone's Dead Bruiser Brody - Leave Maklak Interview Maklak - Slug Mass Maklak - Orchid Thief Maklak - Castaway Maklak - Caddyshack Maklak - The Big Boss Always Naked - Ocean Brad - 20th Century The Black Tones - Ghetto Spaceship Burn Burn Burn - Nemesis House Pound - x_--_+_--_x_...
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Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday April 7th, 2019

R.I.P SHAWN SMITH Brad – 20th Century Shawn Smith – The Day Brings Brad – Buttercup The Sky Giants Interview The Sky Giants – Technicolor Kaleidoscope The Sky Giants – Iota The Sky Giants – Shifting Of Phaseworld The Sky Giants – Dream Receiver The Sky Giants – Solid State Year Of The Cobra – Lion...
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