Loud & Local

Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday May 5th, 2019

Reignwolf – Over and Over The Square Feet – Slippery Sockeye Wild Powwers – Buff Stuff Duke Evers Interview Duke Evers – Slow Dive Duke Evers – Dream Haus Duke Evers – Old Hollywood Duke Evers – How Was I Eva Duke Evers – Going Insane Emery – Shame Dead Bars – Pink Drink Wyatt Olney and The...
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Check out the Loud & Local bands throwing down this weekend

The week just FLEW by, and that means it's time to head out and support local bands to the north, the south and everywhere in between! Friday night, the Unplugged Tributes to: Pearl Jam & Mother Love Bone play Rocko's Fireside in Everett. If you'll be in the city, check out Flowmotion featuring...
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Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday April 28th, 2019

The Sky Giants – Iota Kyberox – Strawberry Wizard Black Nite Crash Interview Black Nite Crash – We Live Too Late Black Nite Crash – Heart Of Stone Black Nite Crash – Here It Comes Black Nite Crash – Come Easy Black Nite Crash – This Is Mine Dirty Dirty – So Wild Walking Papers – Death On The Lips...
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SO Loud. SO Local. Check out these shows & support your local musicians

Your Friday, Saturday AND Sunday nights will be destined for excellence if you get out and see some of our favorite Loud & Local bands! The good times start Friday at The Edgewater in Seattle with the Chris Cornell Acoustic Trio Tribute featuring Outshined . You could opt to see Anthem RUSH...
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[Video] #Pain2019 band Pound melts a guy's face (and mind)

If you plan on getting to Pain in the Grass early on Saturday, August 3rd, consider yourself warned - your face may be melted when Pound takes the stage. This was certainly the case for a showgoer at a recent Pound gig: A reminder to rock at your own risk, Rockaholics! This Seattle-based...
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Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday April 21st, 2019

Actionesse – I Want Doubts Burn Burn Burn – 20th and Hendo Accused A.D. – Juego Terminado Always Naked Interview Always Naked – Monster Always Naked – Me & You Always Naked – Dust Wild Powwers – Buff Stuff The Famished Interview The Famished – Walker Bar Song The Famished – Yoga Pants The...
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