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Thrill's Big Brown Blog Has Your Puns Right Here

Hola, I really don't have much to say today. Not in a bad mood or anything, just a bunch of stuff going on and feeling a bit fried. However, my mind is an odd place and odd things happen inside of it...and that is why I'm thinking of all the human names that also happen to be euphemisms for 'penis...
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Ted's Blog: UFC and DC

So, last weekend was UFC 210 and Daniel Cormier won again and defended his title at Light Heavyweight, but yet people still do not like him. I don't understand why people don't like him. I understand that he got the title after Jon Jones was suspended and some don't see him as the real champion,...
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Thrill's Big Brown Blog Does What It Wants

Hola, It's Friday. Congrats on another work week. Actually, I rather enjoy my work. Truly. Love doing what we do. Well, the 'on-air' part. There are a few things behind the scenes that just plain suck, but that's true of all jobs. And really, even the 'behind- the- scenes' crap we have to do isn't...
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