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Thrill's Big Brown Blog Gets Saucy

Hola, "Big Dummy" day has come and gone, but as usual, it was memorable. First, people were much smarter today than last week! Or maybe we asked easier questions? I dunno. Either way, we didn't have the (luxury/curse) of talking to any one caller for any extended period of time. That never happens...
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Ted's Blog: Locker Rooms

This is clearly the year of locker room talk. We all know all too well the infamous line from President Elect Donald Trump and the excuse of whether or not it was just locker room talk. Well, locker room talks are a bit of a different subject and they are now in the forefront because of Antonio...
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Thrill's Big Brown Blog is Feelin' Falafel

Hola, Today we asked "WHAT DID YOU OR SOMEONE THINK WAS PERFECTLY NORMAL...UNTIL TOLD OTHERWISE". This question was inspired by our very own Thee Ted Smith who poops shirtless. Miles and I find this notion absolutely f**king crazy, but after Mike Hawk chirped up that he, too, is a shirtless brown...
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Ted's Blog: Seahawks' Playoffs

Alright, here we go again in Seattle. It is time for the divisional playoff round. It's funny, when I was a kid growing up in PG County, Maryland, we were all Redskins fans and honestly we got used to being in the playoffs all the time. I mention this because Washington has not been very good the...
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Thrill's Big Brown Blog is Feelin' Lucky

Hola, There's a guitarist named Tommy Allsup and just died at the age of 85. Who is he? Well, he's the guy who LOST the coin flip that kept him OFF of the plane that crashed Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper. He got lucky. He didn't think so at first, I'm sure, but he figured it out...
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Thrill's Big Brown Blog Takes on a Big Dummy!

Hola, Today was Big Dummy day and at one point a woman named Deena called in. Deena, I think, is a lunatic...but she was a joy to talk to in an uncomfortable way. First, it should be noted that she had a, um, a 'memorable' laugh (somewhere between a cackle and a screech) and she laughed a lot. She'...
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Thrill's Big Brown Blog Wants to Know What You Saw

Hola bitches, There's a video going around that involves a monkey in Japan having sex with a deer. The deer seems cool with it, the monkey was DEFINITELY cool with it, and, apparently, this was a "shock" to scientists. See, certain biologists have long held the belief that humans are the only...
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Thrill's Big Brown Blog, bitches!

Hola, It's 2017, so I have (not resolved) to doing this blog every day. My inconsistency on writing the blog isn't because I'm's because I'm lazy AND forgetful. However, I was reminded today, so dammit, here it is! Today is our first Monday back of the New Year so we did our Random...
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Thrill's Big Brown Blog!

Hola, What a day. Don't ask. "But YOU brought it up, assh*le", you're surely thinking. And you're right. My bad. So today we asked "IT DIDN'T SURPRISE ME WHEN ________ DID ________!" Just know that a guy by the name of Jimmy Panama was brought up. We don't know the guy, and it wasn't HIS story, he...
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Thrill's Big Brown Blog Knows What You Did!

Hola, How was your weekend? Don't bother answering, I simply ask as a social kindness. OK, today was the "Random Question Question", so we asked a multitude of questions per caller. That's how we do it. Well, we had a guy call and we asked him, "When Did You Mess with the Wrong Person?" Here's his...
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